• Summer: USDA announces funding of US SHIP pilot project
  • Fall: US SHIP pilot project investigators begin to coalesce, initiate planning, recruitment of US SHIP Program staff, and attain the support and council from a core group of state and federal animal health officials, and the advisement of an industry centered advisory board


  • US SHIP Technical Committees draft version 1.0 of US SHIP Program Standards
  • 28 states express an interest in participating in US SHIP
  • Inaugural US SHIP House of Delegates (US SHIP HOD) held on August 23 and 24, 2021 in Des Moines, IA
  • Orientated stakeholders to US SHIP
    • Discussed, debated, and passed version 1.0 of US SHIP Program Standards.
    • Pass seven resolutions in support of working group and applied project based work centering on items related to biosecurity, traceability, and disease surveillance that collectively aim to further inform US SHIP Program Standards
  • States expressing interest work through process of determining the entity to house the US SHIP Official State Agency within their state
  • Garnered endorsements of support from a number of the national animal health and pork industry related organizations encouraging USDA to expand resources allocated to US SHIP in efforts to help jump-start this US SHIP pilot project across the 28 states (housing > 99% of domestic swine) that have expressed an interest
    • United States Animal Health Association
    • American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
    • National Pork Producers Council
    • National Pork Board
    • North American Meat Institute


  • States working to stand-up US SHIP Official State Agencies (US SHIP OSA’s)
  • National Pork Board announces funding nearly $600,000 of US SHIP related working group project-based work and outreach.  These working groups and applied research efforts align with the series of resolutions that were passed at the Inaugural US SHIP HOD, and collectively aim to further inform US SHIP program standards (e.g., centering on biosecurity, traceability, & disease surveillance)
  • Technical Committees and Working Groups:  Moving forward to further vet a number of topics and complete a series of project based work set forth by the resolutions passed at the Inaugural US SHIP House of Delegates.  Outcomes of these efforts related to centering on biosecurity, traceability, and disease surveillance will be reviewed and considered at the 2nd US SHIP HOD
  • Initiating enrollment across participating states as each US SHIP OSA is able to begin enrolling participants
  • Delegate allocation for the 2nd US SHIP HOD finalized by enrollment attained in each participating state as of July 1, 2022
  • 2nd US SHIP HOD to be held in Bloomington, MN on September 7-8, 2022.