The US SHIP Sampling and Testing Committee is being co-chaired by Dr. Jeff Zimmerman (Iowa State University), Dr. Jerry Torrison (University of Minnesota) and Dr. Jane Christopher-Hennings (South Dakota State University).

A number of sampling & testing related projects and a working group are moving forward in 2022 as an outcome of resolutions passed at the Inaugural US SHIP House of Delegates Meeting. A listing of the sampling & testing related projects associated individuals providing leadership to these efforts have been listed below for reference. 


  1. Modeling of disease spread to further inform sampling standards:  Jeff Zimmerman (Iowa State University)
  2. ASF and CSF PCR Negative Cohort Study on Oral Fluids and Processing Fluids in USDA NAHLN Labs: Karen Harmon (Iowa State University), Rodger Main (Iowa State University), Jane Christopher-Hennings (South Dakota State University) and Jerry Torrison (University of Minnesota)

Working Group:

  1. Plans, options, and approach of US SHIP ASF-CSF sampling and testing requirements in “peace-time”: Rodger Main (Iowa State University)

Scope and Purpose of Sampling & Testing (Disease Surveillance) elements of US SHIP ASF-CSF Monitored Certification:

Complement the existing and officially recognized USDA ASF-CSF disease surveillance efforts.

Enhance probability of early detection via expanding systems of ASF-CSF surveillance.

Provide a well-defined, practical, effective, broadly recognized (i.e., uniform guidance across states), and working system of testing (outside of ASF-CSF Control Areas) that can be readily scaled-up in the event of an introduction of ASF-CSF into the US, State, or Region.

US SHIP ASF-CSF testing is not intended to serve as a basis for official ASF-CSF diagnosis or for use in support of animal movement within ASF-CSF control areas.

Research period: The first 12-months of the testing related activities will serve to develop informational and training materials, further modeling of disease spread and sensitivity of detection across herds and regions, and to conduct an expanded negative-cohort study of commercially available ASF-CSF PCR assays.

US SHIP ASF-CSF tests are to be used for screening purposes only. Consistent with current protocols at USDA NAHLN labs routinely conducting ASF-CSF PCR testing, samples with nonnegative test results will be forwarded to the USDA Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL) for additional (confirmatory) testing. Simultaneously, the testing laboratory will be responsible for contacting the appropriate State and Federal animal health officials to initiate a Foreign Animal Disease Investigation and collection of additional samples for official ASF-CSF testing (confirmatory) purposes.

In the event of introduction of ASF or CSF into the US, US SHIP ASF-CSF Sampling and Testing provides participating farm sites (i.e., supply chains to slaughter facilities), states, and regions a practical and effective means for enhancing early detection and documenting evidence of freedom of ASF-CSF outside of ASF- CSF control areas. US SHIP ASF-CSF sampling and testing is intended to play a primary role in helping support the responsible movement of swine and continuity of business and trade outside of ASF-CSF control areas. Implementing uniform and effective systems for early detection and demonstrating evidence of freedom of disease are foundational elements needed to support ongoing interstate and international commerce over the course of a response and recovery period.