Participants – US Pork Producers and Packers (Slaughter Facilities)


  1. Contact US SHIP Official State Agency (OSA) in which the participating premises is located.
  2. Enroll live swine production and slaughter facility premises with the US SHIP OSA in which the participating premises is located.
  3. Acknowledge understanding of and compliance with requirements for certification.
  4. Complete US SHIP Biosecurity Enrollment Survey.


  1. US SHIP OSA to contact US SHIP participant (Swine Owner) to initiate certification.
  2. US SHIP participants need to demonstrate competency in providing at least 30 days of movement information electronically in a common format (e.g., a prescribed CSV file) to the US SHIP OSA in a timely manner.
  3. US SHIP OSA confers certification.

Maintain Certification

  1. Meet or exceed the requirements for the US SHIP certification(s) held.

Official State Agency

  • Administering entity of US SHIP in each participating state
  • Responsible for resources required to administer US SHIP in each participating state
  • Primary source of US SHIP program specific education to participants in each participating state
  • Maintain storefront for the US SHIP program
    • Point of Contact for Participants
    • Phone / Email / Mailing Address
  • Enroll participants
    • Enrollment Forms
    • Biosecurity Survey
  • House participant enrollment and associated demographic information
  • Confer certification
    • Participants demonstrate ability to generate 30 days of movement information in prescribed CSV / electronic format
  • Maintain status of program participants in US SHIP
  • Provide aggregate level summary of participation statistics to US SHIP Administration
  • Organize state’s participation in US SHIP House of Delegates Meeting

Program Administration

  • Facilitate US SHIP program development
  • Coordinate US SHIP working groups and technical committees
  • Develop, maintain, and keep US SHIP program documents current and available
  • Provide technical and program specific support to US SHIP Official State Agencies
  • Liaison to USDA Veterinary Services and US pork industry organizations
  • Plan and administer US SHIP House of Delegates meetings
  • Assemble and report on aggregate level US SHIP program statistics

House of Delegates

  • The US SHIP House of Delegates is the principal decision-making body composed of US pork industry participant representing each participating state that determines program content, direction, and requirements for certification by majority vote.
  • Voting delegates representing each participating state are appointed by each participating state’s pork producer association and US SHIP Official State Agency.
  • A formula-based approach is used to allocate the number of voting delegates to each participating state. The formula uses a combination of a baseline allocation of delegates to all participating states, as well as the generation and subsequent distribution of a pool of At-Large Breeding Herd and Growing Pig delegates based upon the percentage of Breeding Swine and Growing Pigs (respectively) participating in US SHIP that are located in each state.
  • Each participating state’s voting delegation is to be inclusive of the State Animal Health Official or their designee.
  • State level participation in this pilot US SHIP, ASF-CSF Monitored Certification Program is determined by the State Animal Health Official.

Technical Advisory Committees

  • Led by subject matter experts appointed by the US SHIP Program Administration.
  • Serve to review suggested updates to and draft program standards (requirements of certification) to be considered by the US SHIP House of Delegates.
  • Inclusive of broad representation of industry, state, federal partners.  
  • The focus areas of Technical Advisory Committees and US SHIP program standards:
    • Biosecurity
    • Traceability
    • Sampling & Testing (Disease Surveillance)

USDA Veterinary Services

  • Participates in US SHIP Program Administration, Technical Advisory Committees, and House of Delegates
  • Provides guidance and resources to facilitate US SHIP’s pathway to an officially recognized USDA Swine Health Program
  • Final review and approval of Program Standards derived from US House of Delegates