The US SHIP Biosecurity Technical Advisory Committee Chairperson is Dr. Jim Lowe (University of Illinois).

Two traceability related projects are moving forward in 2022 as an outcome of resolutions passed at the Inaugural US SHIP House of Delegates Meeting. A listing of these traceability related projects associated individuals providing leadership to these efforts have been listed below for reference. 

  1. Traceability standards of practice in pork exporting countries:  Dr. Giovani Trevisan (Iowa State University)
  2. Demonstration of comprehensive traceability of supply-chains feeding one or two slaughter facilities in the US using AgViewâ„¢:  Dr. Giovani Trevisan (Iowa State University) and Dr. Jim Lowe (University of Illinois)

Scope and Purpose of Traceability elements of US SHIP ASF-CSF Monitored Certification:
Accurate premises level identifying information and the ability to track and trace inter-premises movement of live swine and swine germplasm (semen or embryos) in a scalable manner are foundational elements of emergency disease preparedness and response. These items are also the building blocks necessary for an entity to capably represent or speak to the health status of a given supply chain or legally recognized area or region.

US SHIP will provide program participants and participating states a robust and sustainable mechanism for keeping swine production premises level information accurate and current with the US SHIP Official State Agency (e.g., knowledge of the farm sites and slaughter facilities that exist, appropriate contact information, and where such operations are located in their respective states). US SHIP also aims to enhance participant and participating states ability to readily generate and/or capture inter-premises swine movement information (live swine and swine germplasm) electronically on an as needed basis

In the event of an introduction of ASF or CSF into the US, pending location and scale of outbreak, program participants may need to provide swine movement information in an electronic format (e.g., prescribed CSV or Excel file) to the appropriate veterinary medical official agencies (State Animal Health Official) or the US SHIP Official State Agency. US SHIP will provide a platform whereby program participants will have developed and maintained such capabilities.