US SHIP participants are US pork producers and packers (slaughter facilities).
Participation is at the level of a given premises (geographic location).
Packers are not required to have 100% of their supply chain originating from ASF-CSF Monitored sites to participate in US SHIP.

Note: US SHIP participants are encouraged enroll all of their production sites and/or slaughter facilities. Obtaining a critical mass of participation in US SHIP is a foundational element necessary towards being able to make tangible progress towards protecting, improving, and being able to represent the health status of pig production operations across supply chains, areas, states, and regions.

Please contact your state OSA to begin enrollment
(last updated: 15 July 2024)

Step 1. Enrollment

  1. Contact US SHIP Official State Agency (OSA) in which the participating premises is located.
  2. Enroll live swine production and slaughter facility premises with the US SHIP OSA in which the participating premises is located.
  3. Acknowledge understanding of and compliance with requirements for certification.
  4. Complete US SHIP Biosecurity Enrollment Survey.

See Enrollment Documents for more information.

Step 2. Certification

  1. US SHIP OSA to contact US SHIP participant (Swine Owner) to initiate certification.
  2. US SHIP participants need to demonstrate competency in providing at least 30 days of movement information electronically in a common format (e.g., a prescribed CSV file) to the US SHIP OSA in a timely manner.
  3. Commercial-scale pork producer participants (US SHIP Site Types: Boar Stud, Breeding Herd, Farrow to Feeder, Farrow to Finish, and Growing Pig sites) need to be able to provide US SHIP OSA access to a completed Secure Pork Supply Biosecurity Plan.
  4. US SHIP OSA confers certification.

Step 3. Maintenance of Certification

  1. Meet or exceed the requirements for the US SHIP certification(s) held.
    • Program Standards can be found here.